Accessing and using this site www.fermob.ro implies acceptance by potential customers of the terms and conditions below. For best use of the site, it is recommended to carefully read all terms and conditions.

The www.fermob.ro site is a quick and efficient way to access the updated product offer and make a quick purchase without having to move the buyer to the operator's premises. The webshop operator, via the www.fermob.ro site, is S.C. FERMOB S.R.L., with headquarters in Piatra Neamt, STR. VINATORULUI 16 Code 610206, Neamt County, registered with the Trade Registry under no. J27 / 1841/1992, CUI 2052120, fiscal attribute RO.

The use of the webshop involves the customer's agreement to accept the terms and conditions presented, as applicable to the terms and conditions displayed on the site at the time of placing the order. The operator reserves the right to modify the terms of access and use of the site without the prior notice to third parties. Accessing the site and launching an order will entail acceptance of the terms and conditions valid at the time of placing the order in question. The Operator reserves the right to refuse to collaborate with clients who, through established contacts, prove to have an inappropriate commercial attitude, uncivilized language, or have pre-ordered and declined orders.

SC FERMOB S.R.L. is the owner of the webshop, with its entire content. Texts, images, graphical presentations, and webdesign elements including but not limited to symbols, programs, and other elements of the web site are the property of FERMOB S.R.L. or its counterparts. It is forbidden to use, reproduce in any form and for any purpose the image of the portal or the elements presented without the written consent of S.C. FERMOB S.R.L ..

The users expressly agree that the use of this site and the purchase of the products is at your own risk. SC FERMOB S.R.L. is not responsible for the content, the quality or the nature of the sites reached through links on this site (commercial or advertising links). Responsibility for these sites is entirely owned by their owners and / or operators. By accessing the site and enrolling, in order to buy through this page, the client acknowledges that through it a sale sale is made between him and the seller, the operator of the page. In this sense, the terms used here are defined as:
Seller: web page operator, S.C. FERMOB S.R.L., with headquarters in Neamt county, STR. VINATORULUI 16 Code 610206, registered at the Trade Register under no. J27 / 1841/1992, CUI 2052120, fiscal attribute RO.
Buyer: Any legal person (SRL, SA, PFA, II) who complies with the registration formalities and conditions issues a Purchase Order through the page.
Product (sg), Products : Buyer's selection of products displayed by the operator on the webpage offered for sale by the Seller to Buyer.
Seller's offer includes the range of products displayed on the webshop at a time. The products are presented in the form in which they are put on the market, the pictures being exemplary, the buyer being able to choose the product specifications selected according to the availability of the existing stock. SC FERMOB S.R.L. reserves the right to change stock and product specifications without prior notice. The product specifications are those communicated by the manufacturer, which the Seller presents in the communicated form, the responsibility for these descriptions presented on the site to the producers.


The operator makes every effort to present to you with maximum correctness the colors, sizes, dimensions and description of the products. However, due to the large amount of data, inadvertent information may appear in the product information. Also, the colors you see on the monitor may differ from the real colors of the products.
We reserve the right to change the prices displayed on the website when we think this is necessary.
FERMOB S.R.L. uses the services of other companies, for example transport, payment, etc. The responsibility for these services rests entirely with the service providers. It is the responsibility of the user to know and accept the terms and conditions of the service before using these services.

Stock: The seller will report to every product in the product range offered through the webshop whether or not he currently has that product in stock. The stock of displayed products is constantly updated to be as real as possible, but there may be discrepancies between the actual stock and the displayed. Seller reserves the right to refresh the available stock without prior notice from the Purchaser, making the necessary diligence to complete the stock with the missing products and estimating the time required for their availability for sale. If a product can not be purchased due to the bankruptcy of the manufacturer or the supplier, removed from production, removed from trade for any reason, the product will be removed from the general offer displayed by the Seller. If a product ordered, delivered and returned to the Seller for resolving any warranty claims can not be remedied and there is no identical product to be changed for the reasons outlined in the previous paragraph, Customer will be immediately returned the amounts paid for the purchase of that product, without further compensation. Maximum limit of obligations SC FERMOB S.R.L. to any customer, in the case of non-delivery or inappropriate delivery of a product ordered, is the value of the amounts collected from this customer.
Order: electronic document transmitted through the web page as a form of communication between the Seller and the Buyer through which the Buyer, based on the Seller's general offer, offers for sale and the Seller delivers the goods selected by the Buyer. With the order placed, Buyer agrees to receive these Goods and automatically pays to pay their price.
The minimum order on the site is 200 lei, including VAT. Below this value, the command can not be launched. All prices displayed on the site are in RON and include VAT. The prices displayed do not include transport fees. These will be billed separately.
Contract: An Order launched by the Buyer and confirmed by the Seller.
By launching an electronic order through the webshop, the Buyer agrees with the form of communication (by phone or e-mail) through which the Seller carries out its operations. Acceptance of the order by the Seller is considered to be completed when, upon confirmation of the availability of the product, the price conditions and delivery to the Buyer (phone or email), there is a verbal (phone) and / or written confirmation (by e-mail) In this regard. If the Buyer confirms the order, this will imply a full acceptance of the terms of the contract. The distance sale contract is considered to have been concluded at the time of signing the tax invoice issued by the Seller and taking over the goods.


You have the right to withdraw from this contract, without giving any reasons, within 14 days of receiving the goods. The withdrawal period expires after 14 days. In order to exercise your right of withdrawal, you must inform us of your decision to withdraw from this contract using an unqualified statement, for example, a letter sent by classical mail, or by e-mail. In order to comply with the withdrawal deadline, it is sufficient to send the notice on the exercise of the right of withdrawal before the expiry of the withdrawal period.
Return costs are fully covered by the customer.

Exercise of the right of withdrawal:
The customer shall inform the supplier of his decision to withdraw by written request, which he will send by post or by e-mail to comenzi@fermob.ro and within 48 hours of receiving the request, the operator will provide details of how to return by email.
The cost of transporting returned goods is the responsibility of the customer. Also, the merchant will be returned the amount returned to an account he / she will mention within 30 days of receipt of the returned goods. The return of the goods does not imply any other penalties for the seller, but only the payment of the return value of the returned goods, under the conditions mentioned above.

Consequences of withdrawal
If you withdraw, we will refund any amount you have received from you, in addition to the costs of shipping the returned goods, costs you will have to bear. We will perform this refund using the same payment method as the one used for your initial transaction, unless you have expressly agreed to another refund.
You are, however, responsible for diminishing the value of returned products resulting from manipulations other than those necessary to determine their nature, quality and functionality.
The returned product must be in the same condition as it was delivered (in original packaging with all accessories, labels and documents accompanying it). Products that show physical alterations, strokes, scratches, scratches, traces of excessive use and / or unauthorized interventions on products.

Content of the withdrawal request:
In the application you are going to address, you must enter the following data:
- Name of the legal entity with identification and registration details at the Trade Registry;
- The real postal address of the legal entity,
- Phone number, or fax,
- Email address,
Product names to be returned and quantities.
After sending the request and receiving our response, you can ship the products or you can personally contact us if you can. If you send them by post or fast courier, you will bear the full cost of transport.